Welcome to College!

Two Tips For Teenagers Who Want To Visit The Campus Of A College They're Considering Applying To

If your time at high school is coming to an end and would like to pay a visit to the campus of the college you're thinking about applying to, it might be helpful to note down these suggestions.

Make a list of the important aspects of the campus you want to learn more about

Before heading to the college campus, you should sit down and figure out which features of the campus you need to learn more about during the visit, in order to figure out if it's the right college for you. Doing this will ensure that by the end of your time on the campus, you'll have a much better idea of what it has to offer and whether it can provide you with what you personally need.

For example, if you're a night owl and do your most productive bouts of studying in the evenings, then you will probably spend a lot of time in the college's library late at night. As such, during your campus visit, you should check out the library and ensure that it not only stays open late enough for your liking but also that it has decent desk lamps that will allow you to comfortably read and take notes after sunset.

Additionally, because your late-night study sessions will mean you'll often have to walk back to your dorm after dark, you should also find out more about the college campus' security measures. For example, if you speak to the college's security team during your campus visit, and they inform you that they periodically patrol the campus at night and that the paths that lead from the library to the dorms are well-lit and monitored via CCTV, you will know that it will be safe for you to walk back to your dorm alone after studying late into the evenings.

Take a relative who has been to college with you when you visit

If you have an older sibling, a parent, or another relative who has been to college, then you should invite them to tag along when you explore the college campus. The reason for this is as follows; a person who has lived on a college campus before might be able to notice things about the campus that you may not.

For example, having been a college student and having partaken in lots of all-night cramming sessions for finals and college parties, they may point out the benefits of the campus' cafeteria serving breakfast until noon; this would allow you to sleep in occasionally and still enjoy a good breakfast when you wake up late in the morning. Likewise, if they have experienced the 'freshman 15' weight gain that happens to many new college students, they may emphasize how helpful it is that the campus' gym is right by the dorms, as this would allow you to get a workout in before your morning classes, without having to get up really early and trek across the entire campus to get to the gym.